Friday, December 2, 2005

another day, another audition

Today’s audition was for the Cincinnati Opera young artist program. I wasn’t scheduled until 2:15, which gave me plenty of time to sleep in, have a leisurely shower, and a nice long warm up. Though I had planned to make Smanie implaccabili my starter this season, I have yet to start with it on this trip. Today, I decided right before I left the apartment to start with Nicklausse’s violin aria from Tales of Hoffmann. The company is doing it this summer, and I feel like it really shows my voice well. It’s not flashy, but it’s lovely, legato, and has a big high A at the end.

Cincinnati schedules their auditions 4 minutes apart, so in general, people only get to sing one aria. This was the case with everyone I heard while I was waiting. Nicklausse is about 4:30, so I figured that would be all I would sing, and they might even stop me before the end. But they didn’t. I was really happy with it, and the A at the end was great. A has traditionally been a troublesome note for me, even after my higher notes got under control, so it’s nice to finally feel like I can count on it to be there every time. I noticed that they perked up after I had sung the first few lines, and started looking over my rep list and other materials. At the end, they smiled and said “thank you,” and I assumed that was it, but then they asked for the beginning of the Rossini! I didn’t get through all 7 minutes of it, of course, but I did sing the entire first section, which has a nice balance of fireworks and legato line. Overall, another successful audition!

Now, I’m on the train to Philadelphia, where I will be staying with a friend tonight and then singing tomorrow for Lake George. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Canadian Basso said...

congrats on a solid audition... I have my cincy audition coming up next week... it's good to hear they're not the "stare-you-down" types.

I just stumbled upon your blog. Nice to find another blogging opera singer! Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

Your anonymous fan is very proud of you, but thinks that Tanglewood is a much better place to be than Cincinnati, assuming you're going to get to choose.

Your anonymous fan also thinks that canadian basso is very sexy!

kimvox said...

brava diva! You rock!

Ariadne said...

Way to go!

Gregory said...


What was your Rossini?

Aching to know!


Anonymous said...

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