Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christmas carols

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a sell-out....

I just accepted a gig for the last 10 days or so before Christmas, singing in a Victorian carolling quartet. (Ok, so our costumes are actually more 1930's, but you get the idea) I will be strolling around a local mall for three hours every evening leading up to Christmas eve, not shopping (though I'm sure I'll do some of that before and after), but singing alto lines of carols....

....and I'm totally excited about it! Admittedly, it's not an opera role or an oratorio gig, or even a Messiah at a local church. But, I love singing Christmas carols! And, the money is really pretty great, considering how easy the work is. And, I didn't have any other gigs during that time, so why not, right? It actually feels a bit like coming home for me. The first "professional" (paid) singing I ever did, long before I ever thought about taking a voice lesson, was as part of a Victorian carolling group here as an undergraduate. I knew then that I loved to sing, and it gave me my first opportunities to start singing solos (something I had never done), and to really perform songs, and to dress up in fancy costumes, and to work with other professional musicians and actors, and I totally fell in love with every aspect of it. Mostly, I think I loved seeing people enjoy what we were doing, and feeling like I was part of creating a magical holiday atmosphere for them. (No, I was not working for Disney!) When I think back, I realize that it played a totally integral role in my deciding to enter this crazy singing world.

Besides, extra money means extra shopping!


Ariadne said...

I'm glad you're feeling better after the bout with that nasty cold & sore throat!

(re this post: I say if singing what makes you happy is good, and singing what makes you happy & makes you money is better, then, of course singing what makes you happy, makes you money and keeps you singing lots & lots every day in a healthy way with a group of friendly people, well... that must be the ultimate joy!)

Good for you, all around, and ps best wishes this weekend!

kimvox said...

Don';t care about what anybody thinks - you will be singing and making money and people will enjoy it. So THERE.

Glad you got the gig! I got called too and it would have been fun to work together, but alas, the NY schedule takes precedence. Maybe next time!