Thursday, August 18, 2005

walking on a cloud

I'm literally (well, not literally, but....) walking on a cloud in one of my two Baroque opera scenes. I'm playing Aurora, goddess of the dawn, awakened by my three breezes to cause the sun to rise on Orfeo's birthday. But I also feel like I've been floating in a daze all week for different reasons. I've been falling in love....... (sigh)......

...... with Baroque opera. Yes, I've listened to Monteverdi, attended Baroque and Renaissance operas and concerts, but I've never had the opportunity to perform any of this incredible music, or to get to know any of these masterpieces in an intimate way. I can't quite put it all in to words, but I can say that it has changed the way I think about opera, music, and acting. It's been a challenging, rewarding, frantic (and too short) week, and I think the performance tomorrow night will be beautiful. However, I will take everything I've learned this week far beyond the performance tomorrow night, and hold it in my heart like the memories of a brief, cherished love affair.

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Lane said...

I enjoyed watching you walk on the cloud. It was a great concert! And you sang sooooo well! Beautiful!