Sunday, July 17, 2005

When it rains on Saturdays....

Normally at camp, our concerts are held in a lovely, rustic outdoor amphitheatre:

However, yesterday during breakfast, at around 9:00 am, it started raining, and the decision was made to move the concert inside. The only place indoors at camp big enough to hold all the campers and their parents is the upper lodge, which is where we eat all our meals. Within 20 minutes of finishing breakfast, we (the staff at the camp) had cleared all the breakfast dishes, swept the floor, moved all 36 tables outside, arranged the benches to make a place for the audience, and moved 80 folding chairs and a lot of percussion equipment up the hill from the amphitheatre to the lodge to make a "stage" for the bands and orchestra to play on:

We were all set to have the concert inside. It's not an ideal situation, because the lodge is extremely live accoustically, and the bands are really loud! Also, it gets incredibly crowded, hot, and sweaty with 500+ people crammed in to the space. But, it's better than getting wet. Luckily, by 10:20, 5 minutes before the concert was scheduled to start, the sky looked like this:

In 5 minutes, we had moved all the folding chairs and percussion instruments back down to the stage, set them up for the first band, and the concert started outside and on schedule! Hooray!

Needless to say, when some of us went out for Mexican food after the concert had ended, we were all ready for a couple of these:

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