Wednesday, July 6, 2005

music geeks.

I am a music geek. Now, I am extremely proud to call myself one, and I have a large network of other music geeks that I spend time with and call colleagues and friends. When I was in school, however, there were very few to be found. As a pianist, I didn't often get the chance to play music with other kids, and even when I started playing flute, most of the kids in the band were not serious about music the way I was, so it was a bit lonely at times. It wasn't until I was well in to high school that I really found a niche, and not until I was in university that I really felt accepted as the music geek I am.

All this is to say that it is wonderful to see the kids at camp, all music geeks in their own ways, all getting along, making music together, and finding a network of support and friendship among people who share their passion for music. Some of them don't even find this in their own families, and live most of their lives as "black sheep." At camp, there are no black sheep, which is another part of what makes it such a wonderful place.

Also, on a side note, my little vocal ensemble, which generally has about 5-6 girls in it during the first two weeks of camp every year, has 11 girls, 2 boys with lovely soprano voices, and 2 other staff members in it this week, for a grand total of sixteen including me! So far, we've looked at folksongs this week from Spain, England, Croatia, Japan, the United States, and the Hopi indian nation. There are few things more lovely than young voices singing a cappella in harmony. It's good for the soul.

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