Wednesday, November 8, 2006

general check-in...

Oops -- it's been a while! Lots of things going, as usual, though, so I thought a general post was in order.

Hoffmann rehearsals are going well, and I'm loving playing Nicklausse. It may be my favorite role to date. The dress rehearsal is two weeks from today -- lots of work still to do!

Last weekend, I sang in a concert of Bach cantatas with some of my favorite colleagues. An easy gig for me -- in 4 cantatas, I had a recit, a duet, and two trios. But, it was some beautiful music, and a possible new gig came out of it, which I'm very excited about. More on that later.

Audition times are starting to trickle in for my trip to NYC in December. I've rented an apartment in the Village for most of my time there this year, and I'm really excited to have my own space, with a kitchen and wireless internet access. Everything feels very settled for my auditions this year, which is a nice feeling. Several of the programs I've applied to this year are art song programs, so in addition to "my five," I'll get to sing quite a few songs this season. On my piano right now are two of my favorite cycles that I'm revisiting -- Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen and Ravel's Histoires Naturelles. I'm also looking through some english songs, and will make final decisions this week about what specific songs I'll take to New York with me.

Other things on the piano right now for upcoming concerts: Bach's Magnificat and my Messiah score ('tis the season, after all). Speaking of the season, it's time for my piano students to start their Christmas songs (their favorite time of year)! How did it get to be November already? Yikes!

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