Thursday, May 11, 2006

the world according to a 6-year old

One of my first-grade piano students came in to her lesson after my recital a couple weeks ago. I still had my dress on -- plain black, knee-length, with nude hose and black pumps.

Student: You're dressed all fancy today.
Me: Thank you. I had a recital this afternoon.
Student: And you're wearing make-up, which you almost never do.
Me: That's true.
Student: My mommy wears make-up every day.
Me: Yes, lots of women like to wear it everyday.
Student: She won't leave the house without it on. And she's always touching up her lipgloss and stuff. I think it's kinda weird.


Diane said...

lol! that just made my day. :)

Ariadne said...

That IS funny! Kids really do tell it like they see it.